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By Admin on Oct 08, 2020

Wondering what to wear to a modeling Audition/ Castings as a model? First impressions are important; that’s why choosing what to wear on your very first modeling audition can be far more stressful than the audition itself, particularly for those girls who are just learning how to prepare for a model casting call.

What to Wear to a Modeling Audition Female

Since female models’ auditions differ greatly from that of males, this article has prepared a set of nifty modeling auditions and casting call tips that will guide you through what to wear when going for a modeling audition and, most importantly, what to expect at a casting call model

Do Some Research on Brand Specific Requirements

Many modeling auditions (or “go-see’s”) are brand specific; this means that you have to wear what your agent and the modeling agency itself hopes you to. However, because this information isn’t usually given nor tends to be obvious, the first thing you have to do is research on what these companies want and prepare their brand specific outfit.

What to Wear

If you managed to get some information, excellent. Time to prepare for the big day.

However, if you had no luck, don’t sweat it. There are some tricks that will get you past their radars and leave a long-lasting impression on them. Basically, this is what you got to do:

Keep it simple. Or said in another way, don’t try to impress; chances are, you’ll make a fool of yourself. Go with a simple T-shirt and jeans. Remember: you’re not there to sell your style, but the opposite: to sell theirs.

Special Preparations. Most callbacks require that you come with special items or attires, such as a swimsuit underneath your clothes, as some agencies might want to see some special facets of yours, like skin. Go with a swimsuit under your clothes, just in case.

Show Your Physique. Another reason you have to keep it simple is because agencies want to see your physique and see if they can work with it. That’s why, wear things that highlight your body shape the most; no stilettos and pumps – flats and simplicity are the way to go.

Plain Jane Treatment. Or said in simpler terms, don’t wear too much makeup. The agency wants to see your bare (but not unkempt.) face, so pamper your face just enough so you can showcase your facial features, but also give room for the company to analyze your natural beauty.

Last Considerations

No agency is the same. Research extensively and ask questions before any callback. Still, as a rule of thumb, there are staple pieces that can impress them, regardless of their specifications.

Believe it or not, but many models who fail at go-sees find the roots of their failures in their wardrobe choices, and end up being discovered after making some drastic wardrobe changes. And these changes usually mean that they must, indeed, keep it as simple as possible.

Follow their steps and soon you’ll meet success.

How can I prepare to be a model?

First, you need to know the market you’ll be entering into and find a good agency to start with and also apply for Model courses that agencies offer, check out this link to book a Model Course/ Portfolio Also be aware of the trends and requirements of said agency, and practice until you become fully prepared for this industry. Don’t forget that modeling is a tough job, so make sure you are taking care of your body and mind.

What do you need for a model casting call?

Aside from the requirements we just numbered, other things you need when attending a callback are some lip balm and/or light moisturizer, a book or something to entertain yourself during the audition (if there’s a long queue before you, it’ll be a long day), simple, comfortable clothes, a comp card and your portfolio, and something to take notes, just in case.

To summarize as to what to wear to a modeling audition female models, you need to remember this keyword: simple. Because many new models are still learning how to prepare for a model casting call and sincerely don’t know what to wear when going for a modeling audition for the first time, they try to impress with needless extravagance and end up sinking their chances of getting a callback. Keep in mind our modeling audition tips, research what to expect at a casting call model and what model scouts look for; your chances of getting discovered will rise this way.