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By Admin on Aug 27, 2018
Male Models in the Female Dominated World of Fashion

Why are male models less in the fashion industry?

The fact that modeling has always been considered to be a profession for women has played an important role in not allowing a sufficient number of male models to enter the industry. The only way for women to survive in the male-dominated society by proving them was modeling and till date, it has been a beneficial source of gaining a fine reputation in the world of fashion.

However, as much as the audiences adore the female models, there has been an urgent requirement of male models over the past few years. This is because known and unknown fashion brands have figured out a new marketing technique which mainly involves engaging both the genders in the photo and video shoots.

The main reason as to why there are less male models in the fashion industry is the lack of awareness, modeling education, and encouragement from both the public and businesses. This way, stylish men with a perfect body shape and structure fail to impress the audience with their insufficient knowledge and experience of modeling or ramp-walking.

A lot of the people, especially men, are now being encouraged to enter the fashion industry as a reputable career choice in a female-dominated environment.

Top male fashion influencers in town

Despite the norm of men not encouraged for pursuing a fashion career, there are some top models in town who have gained immense recognition in a limited time period. Although the international clothing and accessory brands mostly include women as their ambassadors and the brand face, attractive men are also in demand by the viewers. People like Omar Borkan Al Gala, Ali Muhammad, and Salman Saeed have struggled and made their way to the success that they witness today. With an increased number of followers on different social media platforms, these stars are known for not only displaying famous fashion styles but also creating an idea of their own to receive appreciation.

Also, people who wish to look up to a certain male model with a worthy place in the industry can follow these fashion bloggers and models who have found a reliable way of appearing on TV or internet with the highest number of followers.

What needs to be done to introduce more male models in the industry?

  • 1.Fashion competitions should be organized:

Competitions which include hunting for the fine talents should be frequently organized with promising some rewards as well. This way, more male models will feel motivated to perform in front of the crowd of people and impress the judges with an unprofessional yet elegant ramp wake and modeling poses.

  • 2.Effective marketing techniques should be applied:

Effective marketing techniques which include:

  • Handing over the marketing department to a reliable company.
  • To merge with popular online websites for a strong presence on the internet.
  • To allow an infinite number of males for participating in the fashion contest.
  • Encourage young boys to enter the field as an interest:

Everybody likes to wear new and stylish clothes every day and pose or walk in front of a group of people. For this purpose, it is important to educate and encourage young boys for practicing and then applying for the field jobs by reputable companies.