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By Admin on Aug 27, 2018
5 Dubai-Based Fashion Bloggers to Follow

5 Dubai-Based Fashion Bloggers to Follow

For decades, Dubai has been famous for its numerous tourist attractions. But things are slowly changing. Dubai is evolving into a fashion hub. Over the last several years, numerous style icons have emerged. Their fashion styles have taken Dubai by storm. In an atmosphere saturated with celebrity styles, fashion divas, and top brands, it is easy to get influenced by their style sense. Consider some of the following Dubai-based fashion bloggers that have been competing for attention on several digital platforms. Get inspired and absorb their outfit ideas and accessories. Steal their style!

Tamara Al Gabbani

Tamara Al Gabbani is a fashion designer and blogger. She is considered to be one of middle east’s top trendsetters. Her glamorous style sense is always spot on. Her unique creativity has set an example for many, defining elegance and grace with a completely new meaning. In a short spanse of time, she has pioneered a style that is modest yet modern. Visit her blog or follow @tamaraalgabbani on Instagram.

Teresa Karpinska

Teresa Karpinska is originally from Sweden but is a renowned fashion stylist living in Dubai. She was the winner of the Middle Eastern Fashion Stylist Award in 2015. As a freelance stylist and part-time blogger, Teresa is a sensational influencer to women all over the world. Teresa’s fashion and lifestyle blog Styledrifter is one of the top blogs in the Middle East. With help from her initial inspiration from European blogs, she has successfully created a different style approach that can be implemented by anyone. Follow her on @teresa_karpinska Instagram or FB @styledrifter

Nadya Hasan

Nadya Hasan is a skilled and accomplished blogger from Dubai. This inspirational fashionista has worked with various international designers and brands, making her one of the most influential stylists in the region. Nadya’s impeccable taste depicts how ordinary can easily become extraordinary with just a few adjustments to your closet. Follow her on Instagram @thefierce_nay or her blog, The Fierce Diaries (TFD).

Kat Lebrasse

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Kat Lebrasse is now settled in Dubai. This ambitious style icon is a professional freelance stylist and happily shares her natural taste for fashion on several platforms. In her own words, “Fashion week is every week and the world is my runway.” Her style revolves around a relaxed, chic look which caters to women of all ages. Kat has introduced unique ideas into the mainstream that are easy and doable. If you want to understand the essence of Kat’s flair for fashion, follow her blog lebrasse or @katlebrasse on Instagram.

Zahra Lyla

Born and raised in Dubai, Zahra Lyla has also worked alongside some of the world’s best fashion designers. She started her blog in 2009 with the name of Just Lyla to share her insights about fashion. Zahra has displayed how versatile a personal approach to fashion can be. Her sophistication has allowed her to create a style that is elegant yet daring. You can also follow her on Instagram @zahralyla.