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By Admin on Apr 29, 2023
Red Opium May 23 Nicole Rodrigues Cover Story

# Nicole Rodrigues and Her Vision for Empowering the Dubai World through DIVA Group of Companies Nicole Rodrigues, the CEO of DIVA Group of Companies, is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to empowering individuals in the Arab world. She has created a platform and marketplace for talented and skilled individuals to connect and monetize their skills. Through her work, she has helped many individuals showcase their talents and build a sustainable career. Rodrigues's inspiration for DIVA Group of Companies came from her experience as a model and choreographer in the UAE. She recognized the need for a platform and marketplace that would connect talented individuals with potential clients. Thus, she founded DIVA Group of Companies in 2003, and the platform has grown exponentially since then. One of the notable accolades of Rodrigues is the recognition of her work in the Arab world by Forbes Middle East. She was listed among the female leaders in the region for her contribution to the entertainment industry. This recognition only showed how her work with DIVA was making a remarkable impact in the Arab world.