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By Admin on Apr 29, 2023
Gmaro Nicole Rodrigues May 23 Cover Story

Gmaro Nicole Rodrigues Cover Story

As an entrepreneur, Nicole has demonstrated a strong understanding of the business world and had a keen eye for Dubai, where she had first started her journey as a model. Nicole's experience as a model gave her a unique perspective on the industry, and she eventually transitioned from being in front of the camera to behind it. In 2003, she founded her own talent agency, using her knowledge and connections to help launch the careers of new models. Her eye for talent and passion for the industry quickly made her agency one of the most respected and sought-after in the region. In 2004, Nicole expanded her business ventures even further with the creation of Diva Holdings. Through this company, she established a brand for high-end luxury real estate, offering topnotch services and properties to her clients. This was a successful venture that lasted from 2003 to 2007. Determined to continue growing as a business leader, Nicole decided to turn her ideas into reality, leveraging her industry connections and expertise to build a thriving company. Despite the challenges and obstacles that come with starting a business, Nicole remains focused and dedicated to her mission. Her company offers innovative products or services that have quickly gained popularity, and she has attracted a loyal customer base. Through her leadership and strategic planning, she has created a positive workplace culture and assembled talented team members. Nicole's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her drive, determination, and ability to turn her vision into a successful reality. She continues to lead her company with passion and purpose, always looking for new ways to grow and expand.