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By Admin on Feb 23, 2021
Out and Out Cover Liliblanc

Sabrina Muhieddin is a Lebanese entrepreneur and the founder and Creative Director of Lili Blanc Boutique. Born in the South of Lebanon, she kick-started her career in the corporate world at the young age of 18 before moving to Dubai in 2012 to unlock a new universe of professional opportunities. The year 2020 was unique in its own way and brought with it a change in perspective, and a yearning for transformation, across the world. It was then Sabrina’s drive to exit her corporate professional journey and launch her own label peaked. She noticed a gap in the fashion industry for accessible and comfortable day-to-night wardrobe staples. Being a dynamic and multi-faceted woman herself, she aspired to launch a concept that promised versatile yet fashion-forward outfits to ensure the woman of today can effortlessly breeze through her day while her style remains in check. Conceptualized during the crux of the pandemic in 2020, the first collection, rightly named Hope, was created with the belief that in every adversity lies the seed of an equal or more incredible opportunity. “Lili Blanc” not only expresses her direct fondness for the flower, but it also symbolizes the strength the “Lili Blanc woman” carries as she adapts to challenging and changing environments while becoming stronger and blossoming beautifully.