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By Admin on Sep 10, 2018
This Summer, style yourself with tropical jewelry!
Lush green forests and colorful creatures, exotic flora and fauna, palm trees and exuberant lakes! No! We’re not taking you on a jungle safari! We’re talking about the latest trends in summer fa...
By Admin on Sep 05, 2018
How to Perfect Your Ramp Walk
“She shines like a diamond when she walks into a room, she can charm the stars and hypnotize the moon.” - Clay Walker The Ramp! Every model’s dream. Anyone who is a model or aspires to be one kn...
By Admin on Sep 04, 2018
Tips on How to Become a Model
Do you aspire to see yourself on the cover of Vogue? Do you love the arc lights? Do you have the personality and the poise to carry yourself with élan? Do you have a well-sculpted body? Voila! The...
By Admin on Sep 03, 2018
Fashion Photoshoots on a Beach
From sunrise to sunset, from sand to surf, from water to waves, what could be more a more idyllic set up for a photo shoot than the beach? And who doesn’t want the chance to don that provocative ...