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How much is it?

Price for portfolio: 2000 AED which will always be paid in advance to book you a time cause there is a long wait.

A Professional photographer (lighting etc.), a make-up stylist, a hair-stylist, a wardrobe-stylist and a creative director. Edited and raw pictures will be given on a CD (Total of 15 best edited pictures and will be uploaded in the website) advertisements/films/personality.
5 different looks (traditional look, a look with dress/suit, beauty/fashion shots, office look and a casual look, etc.)
Close up's, mid-length, full length.
Venue will be in an exclusive studio/location.
Post production: Refreshing skin flaws, removing of eye bags, removing of freckles, making you look fresh, beautiful and young - we don't overdo it so it won't look plastic, but we make you look the absolute best on your pictures.
A portfolio book from Diva: Here you can keep your pictures and update once you get more. The book is in the best quality, which means that it has the standard as the ones in Milan, it has more pages and they are thicker than normal portfolio books. We are providing you with this book in order to give you the best possibilities and the best material on the market.

When can I get the portfolio done?

We do portfolios once or twice in a month. So pay and book in advance so you are sure to get a space. Come to the agency and settle the payment for you to receive your receipt/booking sheet.

What should I bring?
Your own clothes only, the wardrobe stylist will help you to mix prior to shoot date

If you want to get your career started as a model, promoter, a cast or anything else with Diva, it is very important to carry a portfolio as most clients choose the artist on the portfolios even for the first casting.

But I already have my own pictures, so why should I get a portfolio?
Because it will give you the best opportunities in a competitive market, and we know which pictures could better sell in this market.
When we have a job, the first thing we do is to send different portfolios from our website to the client, which means: The better pictures you have, the better chance to get the job. When you do your portfolio, you will also learn to pose, and that will give you an advantage in castings compared to models who do not have experience. It is important to bring your portfolio along when you meet a client. The client will then see the variety of your looks, he will see that you are able to pose, and that you are serious about what you are doing because you already have a portfolio. It is not enough being beautiful and having good photos, the clients want the real thing which means high quality pictures and a high quality book. That is what we will give you the advantage. At the end of the day, you can consider a portfolio as an investment for your future. Whether you want to be a promoter, a model, a cast or anything else, the portfolio is the first thing the clients will see. It is your business card, your ID and the first essential step on the way to becoming what you wish for.

Model Training:
Our agency trains models so that they achieve the best possible results in front of the photographer, camera and social events. Our courses include training in Catwalk Poise, Photographic Make Up, day to day Make Up, Hair Styling, Skin care, Posture and Presence, Choreography, Attention-grabbing dress sense, Studio work, Location work, as well as Confidence Boosting and Personality Development

Details of the training:
The course constitute 32 hours sessions. Twice a week. Every Sunday and Tuesday. From 5:00pm to 7:00pm Training and Exposure as a model/Promoter/Host/Hostess for fashion shows /photoshoots / advertisements /films /personality. Make-up and Hair Style programme. Guest visits from star personalities-Famous successful models. Launches and Introductions to media. Career Management. Professional certificate at course conclusion. Fee Dhs5,000 (Inclusive of Portfolio). With several years of experience in this industry is your assurance that anyone who enjoys the benefit of Diva Models training always improves their chances of getting chosen at castings, with their enhanced confidence, better ability to project themselves, superior composite card and portfolio.