Welcome to Diva, Dubai | Production

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration :

Thank you for your interest to be part of Diva

For Models registration, kindly visit our website www.divadubai.com and
go to LOGIN , enter your email address and create your password .
Once loged in -
Click LOGIN- Create your own accounts
Click Registration -Please complete all your details carefully and
completely and please make sure that the name you will register is based on your passport.
Loading Images and videos- upload your images ( min 10) , Polaroid's , catwalk and showreel. Follow the below video.

Loading of Images and videos

  • First image needs to be a strong close up image( Jpeg only - less than 500kb )
  • Please maintain good resolution of image
  • Use as many editorials and jobs done within your first 10 images
  • Please use vertical images only
  • If you need to use horizontal image- please split into 2 horizontal images (please see below)
  • The links for Video are only youtube links with no contact info please.
  • Please check your composite card before clicking add talent.

Additional Info:

Ethnicity: ( Can be multiple choice based on look of model)

  • Indian: Indian origin and look regardless of their passport
  • Oriental: Asians or models that can pass as Orientals
  • European: Only blonds
  • African: Models African features and African Americans
  • Arabic: Arabic nationals and Arabic speakers
  • Mediterranean: Dark hair and Dark eyes

Category: ( only 1)

  • International: Models with international standards with loads of tear sheets, good book, new in town and only here in for short period of time (like a month for example)
  • Model 1: Dubai based models with international standards with loads of tear sheets, good book and loads of experience.
  • Model 2: Dubai based models that has good portfolio and has 2 or 3 tear sheets.
  • Out of Town: Dubai based models that will be out of town in a short period of time
  • Celebrity: Individuals who are locally known Brand Ambassadors related to media and has a proper portfolio.
  • New Face: Dubai based models that has proper and professional portfolio.

Specialization: ( Multiple choice)

  • Fashion Shows: Models for ramp shows 175cm ++for female 180 cm ++ for male
  • Hands / Feet: Models that specialize with hands and feet modeling- please add a picture of your hands and feet if you do model them
  • MC: Master of Ceremony, event presenter or TV presenter
  • Host: Models who do Hostessing for fashion events, corporate events, private events and exhibitions

Please fill all info clearly and send it to us for approval.