Your Model's Nail Polishing Tip

There is no need to be a model to have nice nails, but the tips from Diva Dubai model when it comes to painting your nails is a big help! Here's how to make your nail polish last more than two days without chips on the edge.

1. Please strip-off the natural oil from your nail plate.

It would be frustrating to see your nail polish having a chip after one day or two wearing it. One reason, the natural oil in your nail plate. No matter how good the base coat, it can't do anything if the nail polish didn't penetrate on nails because of oil presence.

2. Make sure to cap the free edging of your nails.
Typing, tapping or even texting can cause havoc on your fingertips especially damage on the tip of your nail polish. So to prevent such, simply sweep the brush across the free edge to keep nail polish intact.

3. You are definitely using old nail polish
Beauty products especially nail polish dries and expire even unopened. The constant opening of the bottle of your nail polish too can let the tiny bubbles into your nail polish. The air in the bubble that penetrates your polish will be on your nails, making it less adhesive and so it chips.