3 Common Marketing Communication In Ads

Advertising serves not only the large companies in letting the public knew about the services or goods, even the small ones too. And in advertising, you can choose what message you will convey to the view.

The following are the most common message in advertising:
1. Product Focus Message
If the new company or website communicates the features and details of the product they are selling then they are sending product message to the public.

2. Corporate Focus Message
In here, the company plays the main role of the advertisement. It tells more about the corporate or the manufacturer of the product.

3. Response Message
This advertising message will focus on conveying the people to sign up or join and giving of response tools such as reply coupon and etc. in exchange for a special discount or free gift that the company will give.
4. Update On The Fund Message
This type advertising aims to make the public aware of the company's fund for the purpose of attracting investors. This typically updates the people on the financial trend of the new product and services.

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