5 Widely Used Trick In Advertising

With so many services and products today, you already realized how tight the competition in the market. So for a new product or services to be known by people, the business will sort into advertising. Here are simple tricks business people used in advertising their product and services:

1. Doing a repeat
This is the simplest way to make the public remember the name of the product. When you see a commercial on tv, your eyes and your ears are busy too. The mix of both things to your sense makes it unnoticeable that they are doing repitition on the name of the product.
2. Branding
This type promotes using branding. Have you ever seen a tv commercial of Head and Shoulder in the Philippines? It says "The world's number 1" ..."The world's number1". Funny though, they never mention of number two. It doesn't matter, anyway.
3. Association
The business company will hire famous model or celebrities to promote it or used it. That way when someone mentions about the celebrity, it comes with...'the model endorser of Century Tuna?'
4. Flocking
The commercial is sending a message to the public that everyone is using it, join the group. Or it is commonly used, then it is the best.
5. Promos
Some create the new market for the product by promo commercials such as buy-one-take-one offer and etc.

So, next time you see a commercial on TV try to evaluate what trick or way they use in their advertisement.