What Camera Do You Have?

During the past decades, the only camera I remember that was available on the market was the film camera. But today with the advancement of our technology, we are already using different types of cameras. So, which of it are you using?

The available cameras in the market:
1. Film Camera
Even outdated, they are still available in the market and online.
2. Digital Camera
This type is super user-friendly. It is point and the click-type of a camera. It comes in lighter weights and smaller size too. This camera doesn't use film too unlike the old camera.
3. Mirrorless Camera
This the latest type of camera, one that doesn't have a mirror to reflect light.
4. DSLR Camera
This type of camera is known for delivering high-resolution photographs and videos and is mostly used by photographers today with taking remarkable shots.
5. On-the-Go Camera
This is the action camera with high-resolution output pictures. They are mostly waterproof too. You can use it if you want to take an underwater photograph.
6. The 360-degree camera
This type of camera is super amazing. It takes picture rotating up to 360 degrees. So just think if you are inside a room. You can actually send someone a pic of your room, revolving pic!

Really, today the camera inventions are superb. It provides more features and mind you, it can make you artistic even if you are not.