You Can Make It Better When You See It

So, alright I need a team of people to do a simple commercial and my friends say she had someone to play the role for that. But how will I know that someone she refers fit to the role? I must see it first. Seeing doesn't only consist of mere looking at it. Having a data and collection of information is also equal to seeing it. A vital stats perhaps is needed if the role needs to project about a young lady. No one wants to put on the role someone who looks like a chubby grandma. Things like that. If you are a model, and I haven't seen a picture how would I say you are good in this aspect?

If you don't know how to give out for the role, then how can you make things better for the audience. No successful organization works this way. It is impossible to imagine a well-functioning team of people doing a commercial shot for ads when there is disagreement about the data. The validity of everything is important and anything less than that is a shortcut to chaos.